Tony Marks
Aristocrat of Deception

A new book
Edited by Bev Bergeron
Art Work by Tony Dunn

Published: 2002
120 pages - scores of pictures and drawings
Hard bound with a gold stamped cover
$43. postpaid to US addresses

"The First-time Disclosure of a Famous Act"

Tony performed on TV, Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, Europe and the rest of the world. All of his magic is described in detail: his wardrobe, music and his "Box" - a table style that was copied by the pros.

In this fantastic book, Tony Marks explains his entire act in such detail that it is easily followed, including never before exposed magic from his act including
  • Production of a large (16 lb) rabbit in the middle of a nightclub floor.
  • Floating a large rabbit about the stage and then vanishing it into mid-air!
  • Bird appears in clear plastic tube.
  • Twentieth Century Silk performed not once, but THREE times in a row!
  • The destruction of a borrowed watch and its restoration.
  • The inside workings of Tony's box and tips:
    • Setting up the Act
    • Rehearsing the Act
    • A walk-through of the Act
    • Care and handling of Rabbits and other livestock
    • Tony gives good advice
    • Tony take you behind the scenes of performing magic on the road for 40 years.
  • PLUS: A slight history of the nightclub and early TV era as told by Tony Marks, his wife, Rosita, and friends: Jay Marshall, George Boston, Dr. John Booth, Jack Kodell, Billy Bishop, Don Arthur and Bev Bergeron, editor.
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