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As REBO, Bev Bergeron was a hit with an entire generation of young television watchers.

With REBO, Master Magician Mark Wilson and Nani, "The Magic Land of Allakazam" was the first network television magic series, first on CBS and then on ABC-TV from 1960-1965. Bev not only performed, but also invented many of the illusions on that show.
Bev Bergeron, familiar to a TV generation as REBO
Familiar to a TV generation as REBO

Onstage at the Diamond Horseshoe

17 years of performing five shows a day in the Diamond Horseshoe Review at Walt Disney World.

Countless shows - well, probably 20,000 - performed in Las Vegas, Reno, cruise ships, for Kings, Queens Presidents, and every manner of audience.

" ... comic mayhem ... perfectly-timed comedy patter, funny comments and a delightful rapport with volunteers and audience ... he gets more laughs ... just looking at the audience (a memory of Jack Benny)"
"Bev Bergeron is one of the best comedy magicians ever!" Winnipeg Free Press

"He stopped the show on Saturday night at the Houston Music Hall. A standing ovation from 3,000 people ... a funny act".

"When Bev takes the stage with his carpet bag of funnies, he is quickly on good terms with the audience. He's in the mold of our Benny Hill, propelling the laughs .. through his personality". TV Guide of England

Bev has appeared with Red Skelton, Lucille Ball, Merv Griffin, Johnny Carson, Bob Hope, Andy Williams, Joey Bishop, Don Johnson, Julius LaRosa, The Ink Spots ... and many, many more.

Whether performing on the street, before an audience of magic professionals, or a group of businessmen, Bev can be depended on to amaze, delight and entertain any audience.