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Bev Bergeron's Personal Manuscripts of
Legendary Magic Acts

For the first time, Bev Bergeron is releasing information on these acts that have served him well for over sixty years in show business. The Acts have never been sold or given away in a lecture. This material has been kept secret for years. Now for the first time it can be yours to use for a three year period. The Specially Printed Manuscripts are loaded with drawings and photos - some in color. They can be ordered directly from this site using PAY PAL.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The material in these manuscripts is not for the beginner. The material is sold with the understanding that the purchaser has some knowledge of performing on a stage and is aware of basic stage techniques.

Please do NOT order these manuscripts with the misconceived notion that you will be performing this information over night. This material is sold with the same intent as a music salesman would sell a musical instrument and a page of sheet music. You have to spend time, money and dedication to master this information.

Each Manuscript comes sealed with a disclaimer. Once that seal is broken there can be no refund.

The Original Multiplying Bottle Act with the Water Fountain Finish: The act was created in the early 1950s -- how the original bottles were improved -- adding trick bottles to the act -- water fountains from the fingers and bottles added in 1953. How the entire act grew with new technology and is always changing. 65 pages of information and photos of the act plus a limited licensed NEW WAY to present the Multiplying Bottles. (Rights for this new routine is limited only to stage - additional rights must be negotiated) - Additional information on how to build a fountain act for the stage. Plus videotape of act. $150

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Golf Act: Over fifty pages on the history and the development of the act. Trick clubs, cart and script. Photos and drawings of the comedy props that made the act a hit at sport shows. Shoes that will allow you to lean out over the golf ball. The production of ten golf clubs at the end of the act. Clubs bend, grow, shrink, fold-up, fly and change. Balls appear and disappear. All in the name of a game called golf. Plus a no sound video of act. $100

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Memory and Magic Squares: A routine made famous by master hypnotist Franz Polgar in the 1940s, Bev with the help from others, developed this version in 1949. In a large magic square of sixteen blocks (4 X 4) - words that are called from the audience are written into the squares' blocks. The performer without looking at the squares, calls out numbers to be placed into the same block as the words called. Adding up the numbers in all directions will give a total of a pre-selected number. Using mnemonics and basic math you can reproduce an act that will serve you well with the college, corporate and lecture groups. This act will open doors to a market that pays a lot more than a magic show. It takes time to learn, but once mastered, no one can take it from you. $75

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The Medicine Show: Bev has taken this old tool and moved it forward into a new dimension. The history and the difference between "The Medicine Show" and "A Medicine Pitch Act." It is all here. The scripts from shows written for Disney and Six-Flags. The pitch that Bev learned from Max Terhune with a 2004 finish. Suggestion on how to present a much mishandled show. Enough history on the subject to help you to become an authority on the subject - therefore, doors will open from the education field. How to have your very own carpetbag made. Plus videotape of Bev in the Diamond Horseshoe, with Blackstone and show at Six Flags. $75

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*The manuscripts will be printed in book form in the future.

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